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Kickoff Meeting Questionnaire




Describe the team(s) that will be using Easy Projects: (e.g. team function, number of users per team if more than one team, line of business, etc.)

Describe the level of Project Management experience and expertise of the team(s): (e.g. any PMPs years of project management experience, experience with another project management tool, etc.)

What tools do you use to manage projects now? (eg. Email, mobile phones, excel, basecamp, MS Project, google docs,)

What limitations or challenges in your current environment led to the adoption of Easy Projects. Where are you specifically looking to improve? How will success be measured/determined?

How does the team communicate with respect to projects now? (e.g. email, Skype, etc.)

How do you report on projects now? Who are the recipients of reports? (e.g. executives, other functional units, external clients, internal dashboards, etc.)

Do you currently record time for your projects and resources? If so, how? If so, why?

Do you have legacy data that you will want to import into Easy Projects? If so, from what tool/environment? What format is it in?

Walk me through an overview of important (typical) project from start to finish. How are projects reviewed/approved? What kind of projects do you do and how long do they usually run? How many do you typically have at one time? Are external people involved/included (clients, suppliers, contractors, part-timers etc?)

To what degree do your projects share the same basic framework and structure? Are there common processes and activities?

Do you group projects in any way? (e.g. by portfolio or program?)

Describe the type of information and intelligence that senior management would like Easy Projects to provide and in what format.

What is your vision for how a Project Manager would use Easy Projects?

What is your vision for how an end-user would user Easy Projects?

What challenges can you foresee during the rollout of Easy Projects?

How would you measure success 6 months from now? What metrics/KPIs would  you use to measure success?


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